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Daymaker empowers individuals to lift up those in need through an experience that is simple, transparent, and relatable. In just a few clicks, match with a child in need in your community, and support them through special product purchases over the course of the year.

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Yearmaker: Built for kids of all ages

“A do-gooder mashup between Facebook and Amazon” - Fast Company

Our new initiative enables you and your little one to match with a child of a similar life stage and support them as they navigate different and often challenging circumstances. As your child grows, so does their buddy, and the special relationship the two have formed. We’ve designed Yearmaker to fit into a busy life in an affordable way without losing all the fun and meaning that comes with giving as a family.

Choose your Yearmaker package

Select how many gifts you’d like to give to your buddy at each occasion. There will be 5 giving occasions over the next year, beginning with holiday giving right now! You can give between 1 and 3 gifts at each occasion.

Match with a buddy

You will be matched with a child in need in your community from one of our high-impact nonprofit partners. Daymakers buddies typically have less access to the resources they need to help them grow into healthy and happy kids.

Choose the first gifts

You will see the actual wish list of your buddy and select a gift in just a few clicks. These gifts are shipped from our warehouse directly to the sponsoring nonprofit! You’ll be notified at every step of the way and receive digital communication from the nonprofit + buddy.

“It’s an easy way to teach my kids how to treat others with kindness.”

Lara, Mom of 2

“You found a way to encourage kids to give, with very few steps. Love your company.”

Susanne, Mom of 2

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Party & Give

The same giving experience...with your friends.


Create your birthday page and choose kids you want to support.


Share your page with party guests, friends and family.


Guests can RSVP and buy a gift just a few clicks.

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