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About Daymaker

Daymaker aims to help givers feel more deeply connected to their company, community, and own sense of compassion through intentional acts of generosity. We do this by guiding each individual on a giving journey that meets them where they are and leaves them wanting to do more.

We form annual partnerships with companies and facilitate 3 giving campaigns throughout the year on our gift-giving platform. Employees are able to read about specific children in need and buy real items off their wish lists. Between these giving campaigns we create catered offerings to volunteer, connect with organizations, be an ambassador, and more to deepen one’s connection to their generosity.

At a company level, we track metrics that directly tie to employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention so you’re able to see that a giving program can be so much more than dollars raised and hours volunteered. It can become about bringing the human family closer and helping your company thrive.

Daymaker works with local chapters of some of the most reputable nonprofits around the country who understand the unique needs in their communities. We rely on these 501c3 organizations - with the most favorable ratings from nonprofit auditing groups - to identify low-income or at-risk children who would be good candidates to receive donated gifts.

We believe that giving programs add material value to companies, as compassionate people are proven to help create better business outcomes. We deliberately structure our offering as an annual package, since running only one-off opportunities risks suboptimizing the positive impacts that are possible when giving and service becomes a consistent shared company practice.

The ‘Work with Us’ section of our website details our three tiers for companies:

  • Our ‘Giving’ tier features three digital giving campaigns and supporting communications to launch, manage, and track the campaign
  • The ‘Premium Giving’ tier builds upon the campaign structure with a series of activations to boost engagement, including the Daymaker Ambassadors program for employee champions to help spread the magic of generosity, and a Daymaker-produced ‘Why I Give’ giving story video highlighting cultural leaders within a company
  • Finally, the ‘Giving & Service’ tier offers companies and individuals a chance to go beyond gifing with custom in-person service events in conjunction with Daymaker nonprofit partners, organized and executed by the Daymaker team

Our goal is to be the most valuable partners possible as companies create engaging and long-lasting programs for the employees. We are always happy to customize to meet the exact needs of our partners.

Daymaker is proud to operate at the intersection of profit and purpose as a Certified B Corporation. From the founding days, we said we did not want to charge a donor to give or a nonprofit to receive. We are funded by our agreements with company partners and by the sale of items on the Daymaker platform.

We've been fortunate to work out relationships with our manufacturers as we are buying items in bulk and selling them at the minimum retail value. This margin allows us to continue doing the good we aim for without having to charge donors, nonprofits, or solicit charitable contributions.

The Details

Daymaker ships items directly from our warehouses to the sponsoring nonprofit in a timely fashion, so gifts arrive to the buddy in advance of his/her special day. We are able to receive shipping discounts and pass these on to you during checkout; our rates are as cheap as we can offer while still remaining a viable business!

Checkout is hosted through Braintree, a PayPal company. Credit Card information never touches our servers, instead processing directly through Braintree. Braintree is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider and on both MasterCard and Visa's list of preferred providers.

We're always looking for high-impact organizations with which to partner, especially if you have an important market for your company where we aren't currently represented. Email nonprofits at daymaker dot com.

We offer products through partnerships with a host of manufacturers whose products help empower Daymaker recipients while also bringing a huge smile to their faces.

You are able to track your item(s) at every step of the way, and you will be notified via email. We are also currently working with our nonprofits to implement notes back from the children who were helped. While we can’t guarantee this quite yet, it is likely you will receive a note from one of the children you helped.

It is! Your tax receipt will be automatically issued by the 501c3 receiving the donation once the items are shipped. You can find each receipt in your Daymaker account under "Giving History."

While we dearly love both of those products, the main focus for Daymaker is on our company partnerships moving forward. Please contact us if you have specific questions about your Party and Give or Yearmaker accounts.

We’re always here to help:

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