Ends in 169 Days

Apart, but Together

Coming together as one family to provide relief during COVID-19.

Give Your Time

We have this vision for what coming together in person can look like. It's not what some may think of when they hear "volunteering." For Daymaker, service is about joining in our shared humanity. It is celebrating all that we discover about another and ourselves through spending intentional time together. Instead of making the soup and serving it to another from one side of a counter, we want you to make the metaphorical soup together and sit down to share the meal. Our volunteer events will enable you to just be you–serving as positive and hopeful role model for a child who will appreciate and be inspired by every moment of your attention.

The Event

There is no opportunity in this campaign to share your time! Please let us know if you are interested in a future opportunity to volunteer as it helps inform where we prioritize planning awesome events.


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