The Daymaker Bowman/Bowoman (Deputy Chief of Staff)


Daymaker is looking for a recent-graduate to start this summer as an intern with the strong inclination that the role becomes full-time in the Fall if there is a good mutual fit. This is a great opportunity to see across the leadership roles at a startup, and an ideal candidate is interested in working for or launching a startup. The role will be in charge of coordinating administrative functions to assist across the Daymaker executive team, acting as ‘capacity extension’ for the team to take on and own relevant initiatives that emerge as we grow.

For context, Daymaker is a charitable giving platform that helps employees connect more deeply with those around them through intentional acts of giving and service. We run giving campaigns where employees can read about specific under-resourced children in the community and purchase gifts from individual kids' wishlists. Between campaigns we offer the potential for volunteer service and/or deeper financial commitments to a given child (e.g., sponsoring musical instrument lessons). Our offering for 2020 includes a COVID-response campaign 'Apart, but Together', a Back to School drive, and a Holiday giving opportunity.

The challenge to solve:

Daymaker has a lean team and a relatively complex operation as we coordinate logistics for company and nonprofit partners across the country. The Deputy Chief of Staff would be responsible for coordinating the logistical elements of executing Daymaker campaigns, including the setting up and maintenance of company-specific giving pages and nonprofit operational assistance and compliance audits. The person would also be responsible for the maintenance and execution of all tax-related items and standardization of company reporting.

What is a Bowoman? Well, we see her as someone on a ship supporting all of the other roles to make sure nothing slips through the crack. They are often at the front of the ship where it can be cold and wet, and they thrive in challenge. Do we know anything about sailing? We don't, but we feel excited to name this role something special like Bowman.

There are endless opportunities for new projects, and we would look to give more opportunities as the person demonstrates an ability to exceed expectations. This could emerge depending on the skillset and interests of the person in the role, but examples might include crafting and executing social media campaigns with written blog copy, running operations & logistics associated with purchasing and distributing inventory, or coordinating in-person volunteering events in the communities we serve.

The logistics:

  • Role would be remote to begin with, with plan to ultimately sit in Atlanta
  • Person would report to CEO Thomas Doochin, also coordinating with Chief Partnerships Officer Brent Macon
  • Duration is summer initially, but we hope to find a full-time hire
  • There will be a stipend offered during summer work with a full salary and benefits if work continues into the fall.
  • Interested candidates should email [email protected] with a hello and your resume. Please record a 1-2 minute video sharing about yourself, why you’re interested/would be a good fit, and anything else that fires you up or is relevant for us to know. You can upload to private Vimeo or Youtube page and include in your email. Thanks!