About Research Foundation of CUNY/Medgar Evers College Marcus Garvey Cornerstone

EIN: 13-1988190

The Mission of the School of Professional and Community Development - Youth Programs (SPCD) at Medgar Evers College (MEC) is to foster an ongoing process that enables children, adolescents, and their families to meet their personal, educational, and social needs. Through its commitment to young people and their families, the Community and Grant Funded Programs build the skills and competencies essential to leading healthy, satisfying and productive lives. Within the framework of an asset development model that is characterized by building on positive strengths, SPCD services assist youth in recognizing and realizing their potential. The Marcus Garvey Cornerstone Program accomplishes its mission by delivering supplemental academic and enrichment activities, as well as resources to both participants and parents. We build internal competencies and employ successful youth development approaches to strengthen and develop protective and preventive measures for at-risk youths, thus enabling them to overcome barriers to learning and acquiring life skills.


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